Friday, May 27, 2011

Best buds :)

Kellen and I a couple weeks ago went to Bountiful to see his girlfriend since her mommy and I are friends. Conveniently both kids were wearing green!! It was adorable haha and unplanned! Love it... Anyway, we decided to go to this cute little park near their house and have a picnic, Alivia and Kellen just played there for ever having a blast!! Kellen was following Alivia everywhere and there was a few times where he would catch up and run into her haha....

I gave Alivia part of Kellen's peanut butter and jelly sandwich expecting her to take bites and instead, she shoved the entire thing in her mouth!! Oh my, it was so funny!! Here she is, trying to chew.... trying...

Brittany decided to go under the playground and put her fingers through the holes and Kellen and Alivia though it was the coolest thing ever! Especially Kellen! He didn't get tired of it for a long time!

Then we took the kids on the slides and they loved it! After one or two times Kellen was trying to push himself off before I was even holding his hand! That is by far his favorite thing thus far!! He thought it was fun having Alivia slide next to him too :) There was one point where they even tried to hold hands :) Oooh la la! So cute!!!

Anyway!! It was a blast and we can't wait to go play at the park again! Next time we're going to go somewhere with swings for sure!! I think Kellen will LOVE swings!!! Till next time!

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