Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Months!!!

I can't even believe it has already been 3 months!!! Today is his 3 month birthday so I took some pictures because he's getting so big!! Traxton wasn't really sure about him laying on him but I told him he better get used to it!! Traxton is a good big brother to Kellen, thank goodness!!

Kellen is getting to be so big now!! I can't wait till next month to see what he weighs and his height!! He's starting to interact so much more and is alert so muc more now!! He smiles ALL the time too!! We're still trying to get him to giggle he wants to so bad but won't!! He gets sooo excited but is silent! He does like to talk though sometimes and it's one of my favorite things about him!!! He is starting to realize he has hands! Last night we had him in his bouncer and he kept hitting the toys that dangle from it. Then i have caught him a few times just staring at his hand. It won't be moving he just holds it in front of his face and stares. It's really cute!! Anyway, here's some pictures of the big 3 month old Kellen!!!

Sleep Tight!!

So last Thursday night, Kellen slept 8 hours through the night in his bassinet!! The next night, again!! So Saturday night we decided to try him in his crib for the first time!! Both Kyle and I were nervous about everything of course and every sound we heard on the monitors made us more nervous, but again! He slept through the night!! His new routine is usually from about 12-8! This morning was the first night he only slept till 7 haha but then went right back to sleep and is still sleeping at 11:00. I'm so excited!! Anyway I just wanted everyone to know what an amazing baby we have!! :)