Monday, April 25, 2011

Here goes the catch up!

Alrighty, now that i'm out of school for the summer I actually have some time on my hands to catch up on my blog! My summer goal is to actually keep it updated... wish me luck since i'm horrible at these kinds of things!

Kellen just turned one year old on the 8th! He is getting so big and is so much fun! He started walking at 10 1/2 months and is now a pro. He's trying to run and falls a lot but is very very close. His first birthday was really fun even though the party itself was a bust, nobody showed up :( But he isn't old enough to care or realize that nobody came so at least he had fun!! Mommy smushed his face in the cake and he just devoured it!! He was loving it and pushed his own face into the cake a few times on his own!! I made the cake with my sisters help and we were rushed so it wasn't exactly what I had in mind but it still worked. Here are some fun pictures from his birthday!

For Kellen's one year appointment he was only 17.15 lbs. Not even on the charts for his weight!! He is in the 60th percentile for his height at 30 inches and his poor tiny head is only in the 5%! But he's cute and little as ever!! He's still healthy and eating so they weren't worried about his weight. He does have anemia so he is now on iron supplement for 6 weeks so hopefully it helps!

He got the Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine at his appointment and they said that he might get a rash. Well he definitely did get a rash!! It started this last Friday and has gotten worse and worse, practically his entire body is one big blob of rash :( He's totally playful though which is crazy!! But we took him in yesterday (Easter) to get it checked out just in case and they told us we pretty much just needed to wait it out but gave us a few things to look for such as, fever, getting worse, not being himself/playful, etc. We've been giving him some oatmeal baths and lotioning him up so hopefully the rash will go away soon!! So for his first Easter he was one big rashy boy (cute one though).

In Clearfield there was a big Easter egg hunt that we went to and then we went to Alisha's and did another small Easter egg hunt. Kellen had fun even though it was really cold!! We also decorated some eggs at Alisha's house the Friday before Easter. Kellen tried his first hard boiled egg.... didn't like the white, and only liked the yolk in small amounts, but it was definitely entertaining to watch!

Kyle got the job we've been waiting for since October!! He's going to be a correctional officer at the Draper Prison. He finally got through the entire interview process which included test after test such as physical tests, polygraphs, interviews, drug tests, etc. It was a VERY long and grueling process. Very very stressful time as well. But in March we finally got the good news that he got the job!! He started the academy on March 21st and there are three blocks. The first block ends this week!! And he will graduate the academy on June 30th. We are so excited and he is loving it so far! He carpools with a guy that lives in Bountiful and he's married and they have an adorable daughter who is only two weeks younger than Kellen. They play so great and i love the couple too! We all get along really well and it's so fun! We went to her birthday party Saturday and Kellen had SO much fun with the balloons!!!

I now work at a daycare now so I can take Kellen with me. It has been so much fun working there! Stressful at times but overall really fun. I work with my friend April so it's nice to know somebody and we work together really well. I just finished another semester of school and am taking the summer off! I am going to be starting to sell Usborne children's books soon and i'm so excited! We are hoping to get a few bills paid off by the end of this year so we can hopefully either buy or build a home in Eagle Mountain at the beginning of next year!! My friend just finished building a house out there and love it so we are hoping to follow in their footsteps so Kyle doesn't have such a commute to work. Kyle is hoping to buy a motorcylce fairly soon as well, two of my brother in laws just bought one and now Kyle is overly antsy about getting one himself because he's been wanting one FOREVER. Now that he has such a commute we figure it will save us a lot of money on gas, so that's about it for now!!!

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  1. It's about time you wrote something! lol just kidding. Kellen is getting to be such a big boy! His birthday cake was adorable. That rash looks bad, poor guy! Sounds like things are going great for your family!!! :)