Thursday, October 8, 2009

Appointment #2!!

Well we had our second appointment yesterday! I love getting ultrasounds and seeing the baby! So at our appointment the doctor asked if we wanted to se what our baby was!! We were like yeah! We can already?? He said sometime if the baby is positioned right that they can sorta tell but its not for sure until the next appointment. So we did the belly ultrasound and too bad the baby wasn't facing right :( But it was still super exciting to see how much it had grown already!! He said that the baby is about 2 3/4 inches long so almost 3 inches :) He also said that the baby didnt have a cyst on the neck which is very good meaning that it cuts the chance of heart defects by 85% so that was cool. Anyway, our next appointment is on Nov. 4 and we find out what we're having!!! YAY! So thats all for now!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Doctor Appointment!

Sorry I took so long to write about our first doctor appointment! It's already almost time for our second! It was so great though! We really like our doctor so far and it was absolutely amazing to hear the heartbeat and to see our little gummy bear!! (thats what it looks like... but with a very big head.) Anyway, it went pretty quick and it was really neat and kyle was really funny because they did the v-ultrasound and when he saw the size of the camera he squeezed my hand and his face just looked terrified!! SOO funny! But he's very excited too!! Well we'll let you know about our next appointment which is on October 7th!!