Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

8 months!!

I can't believe he is already 8 months... that means that in 4 months he will be 1 year old already!! Ahh how time flies!!

Well, a lot has happened since last post so here goes!

* On his 8 month birthday he got his first big boy tooth!! And we think he is teething again because he is chewing on EVERYTHING!! He also thinks it's pretty cool to bite fingers, which hurts now...

* He is standing so well now! He even lets go of things and can stand for like 20 seconds now by himself without holding on to anything!! * He now walks along the couches and furniture, he's going to be walking in no time at all!

* He uses his little lion walker and is walking so fast with that too!!

* This month Kellen thought it was a good idea to eat Traxton's food... He started choking but got it down... scary..! We haven't had to worry about it until now because even though he's been crawling for a while now, he never tried to get Traxtons food!! But guess who now knows where it is!?! KELLEN! Now every chance he gets he tries to get the dog food... gross..

* Kellen thinks it's really cool to crawl under things like chairs, tables, and tried going under the bed and got stuck haha.
* Kellen and Traxton play keep away now too. Traxton loves playing keep away and now Kellen likes to try and get Traxton's bone, so Trax will run away and Kellen will crawl after him all excited, then Trax will hop away again (tail wagging, no worries) and Kellen will follow etc. It's so funny watching them interact now!!

* Kellen also learned this month how to climb up the stairs... oh joy... BUT he gets so excited while climbing up that he starts bouncing and ends up throwing himself backwards so we have to be RIGHT behind him when he's on the stairs or uh oh...

It's amazing how fast they grow and we love watching him grow! Kyle is still looking for a job so at the time being we are both still at Olive Garden. I just finished another semester and did really goood! I got my first 4.0 ever! I'm really excited and am really proud of myself haha. We are doing great and are so excited for Kellen's first Christmas. Kyle's parents are coming out on the 29th so Christmas will be a little delayed this year but who cares right? Christmas day we can actually focus on what Christmas is REALLY about :) January 17th is our two year anniversary and we are so excited! We are still happily married and love our happy little family!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Streaker yes?

So... yesterday morning, Kellen woke up just talking away as usual. He had been up once during the night and Kyle had changed and fed him. I go in there to get the little bugger and found him standing there with one arm out of his shirt...! So he had half of his shirt off!! So I show Kyle and I ask him if maybe he had gotten frustrated getting Kellen dressed and just put him in the crib like that and he laughed like, what? Why would I take his shirt off to change his diaper? So... Somehow during the night Kellen half undressed himself... This probably means that in the future we are going to have a little streaker on our hands, running around the house naked trying to not let us catch him... Oh boy!! Ha...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween!! (a little late)

Apologies for the delay for our cute Halloween monkey! This year for Halloween Kyle and I were lame and didn't do much or dress up, BUT we definitely got Kellen all dressed up. We borrowed this costume from our friend Josh, and Kellen loved it!! The first time we tried it on he got a huge grin and couldn't stop smiling!! Traxton was pretty confused about Kellen wearing his costume. He couldn't stop sniffing him, trying to see what was going on. It was adorable, but since Kellen adores Traxton he thought it was hilarious that Traxton wouldn't leave him alone!!

We had my cousin Brandi and her husband Devyn over for Halloween from Idaho, so Kyle worked in the morning and Brandi, Devyn, Kellen, and I went out to the mall because they had some shopping they wanted to get done. Once Kyle got off we all went to the new In-N-Out burger in Centerville. Kellen was all dressed up cute as a monkey!! When we got home we had our friends Nick and his girlfriend Jessica come over and we carved pumpkins! Kellen loved playing in the guts, but couldn't for too long because he kept trying to eat it... gross! Here are our amazing pumpkins!! Kyle's is the first, then Jessica, then Nick, then Brandi and Devyn's, and the last is mine. It was really fun having people over because otherwise we would have been so bored because we only got two trick or treaters for the whole night!!

7 Months!

It's that time again to give our amazing updates on the beautiful baby boy called Kellen. Now being 7 months, he has realized that he can do many more things and he definitely likes to show off :) On October 23, he started crawling, crawling, and more crawling... anywhere and everywhere he's not supposed to be! He thinks that cords are much more fun to play with than his toys that are right in front of him... Once he realized he could crawl he decided it was a good idea to crawl up on things (such as the computer...) up onto his knees like so...
Yesteray, on his seven month birthday, he decided that he could go a little further, and now he gets up to a standing position!! Oh boy, walking is only so far away now! He has now discovered his lungs as well... He talks in a little, or not so little, scream. It's adorable, don't get me wrong, until he decides that he is upset.... Then his cute talking scream turns into a full fledged scream at the top of his lungs kind of scream. The kind that hurts your ears if your in the same room or even on the same floor! I do love that he talks all the time now (babbles), but I have now realized that temper tantrums are soon to come. Kellen now sleeps through the night again!! Yay!! Usually sleeps from about 9:00 pm to about 8 or 9 am!! It's so nice!! It gives Kyle and I a few hours together at night to relax but also lets us sleep in so we aren't so grouchy in the mornings!! Mornings with Kellen are my favorite time, he wakes up not crying but babbling away. He doesn't need attention right away so it lets kyle and I lie in bed listening on the monitors to our adorable son and his cute babbles. Then after a few minutes we decide that we should go say hi. As soon as he sees one of us his face just lights up and he crawls as fast as he can to the end of the crib where we are and gets all sorts of excited!! He is breathing heavy of excitement and crawls up the side of the crib for us to pick him up. He is such a happy morning person and such a good sleeper!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6 months!!!!

Kellen turned the big 6 months old on the 8th!! Just this past month he has learned so many new things!!! He now sits up by himself and is now almost crawling already!! He has learned to scoot funny lol. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks forward and backward (trying so hard to crawl) and then lunges himself forward to get where he wants. It's funny but so scary!! Like I said, he gets on his hands and knees now, he knows how to move his knees forward but hasn't quite got the hands down yet.... But I know it will be so soon!!

Kellen has had a couple play dates this month!! 'our neighbors and I made a deal to watch the others' baby once a month so we each get a turn for a date night. This last week it was our turn to watch their baby. Kellen had a blast! He was so interested in the baby and so was Traxton! I also started doing a girls night every Tuesday and a couple of the girls have babies, so Kellen is making lots of friends already :) Kellen now loves Trax even more now!! He loves watching Traxton's tail wag, he gets the biggest kick out of it! Traxton has a way with making Kellen happy when kyle and I can't seem to make him smile. I love having such a great dog!!

Kellen had his Dr. appt the other day, and is in the 50% for his height (26.5 in.), 25% for his weight (16 lb. 7 oz.) and 10% for his head... poor guy still has a tiny head like mommy. He is super healthy and right on track! We still love being parents and each day gets more and more fun watching him grow so fast!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Months!!

Time is flying by!! Kellen turned 5 months already! I did forget to update for his 4 month birthday so i'll give you an update of the last month! Since my last post, Kellen has started eating rice, is now eating oatmeal (banana so it tastes better), and baby food, and now rolls over! He first rolled over from his back to his front on August 24. On Sept. 8, he was lying in the middle of the bed while i was studying and he was on his belly. After a few minutes I turned to check on him and he was on his back!! He had rolled from his belly to his back, into our folded laundry. He had pulled one of my shirts off the pile and threw it to his side, then he grabbed another one of my shirts and was eating it haha. When i went over to him he stopped chewing on it and looked up with this big grin, probably saying "Mommy! Better watch out!" Crazy how time flies!!!!

I took some adorable 5 month pictures of him so everybody can see how big he is getting! For a few days we thought he was teething because he was so cranky and drooly! But he has a little cold and is all stuffed up, so i'm starting to think that he just wasn't feeling well. I would be going crazy if he was already teething! I know it will happen soon, but it's still so weird to think that he's getting that big!
Traxton loves his baby brother, and is still always checking up on him! Now Kellen is starting to like having the dog around! Since Kellen is so much more interactive, when Trax comes up and licks his feet or hands, Kellen will usually get a big grin. I love that my boys all get along!

At Kellens 3 month appointment he was in the 45th percentile for his weight and in the 90th percentile for his height!! He's still so tall and not very chunky! So I am so excited for his 6 month appointment to see how big he is now! He is almost sitting up by himself too, he will sit up for a few seconds here and there before tipping over and smiling. He thinks its funny to tip over! He laughs a lot now and is just so much fun! He has this cute look that he does and it kills me everytime! He even plays peekaboo (probably not consciously) but its still really fun!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Months!!!

I can't even believe it has already been 3 months!!! Today is his 3 month birthday so I took some pictures because he's getting so big!! Traxton wasn't really sure about him laying on him but I told him he better get used to it!! Traxton is a good big brother to Kellen, thank goodness!!

Kellen is getting to be so big now!! I can't wait till next month to see what he weighs and his height!! He's starting to interact so much more and is alert so muc more now!! He smiles ALL the time too!! We're still trying to get him to giggle he wants to so bad but won't!! He gets sooo excited but is silent! He does like to talk though sometimes and it's one of my favorite things about him!!! He is starting to realize he has hands! Last night we had him in his bouncer and he kept hitting the toys that dangle from it. Then i have caught him a few times just staring at his hand. It won't be moving he just holds it in front of his face and stares. It's really cute!! Anyway, here's some pictures of the big 3 month old Kellen!!!

Sleep Tight!!

So last Thursday night, Kellen slept 8 hours through the night in his bassinet!! The next night, again!! So Saturday night we decided to try him in his crib for the first time!! Both Kyle and I were nervous about everything of course and every sound we heard on the monitors made us more nervous, but again! He slept through the night!! His new routine is usually from about 12-8! This morning was the first night he only slept till 7 haha but then went right back to sleep and is still sleeping at 11:00. I'm so excited!! Anyway I just wanted everyone to know what an amazing baby we have!! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

2 months!

Kellen had his two month appointment on the 8th! He is getting so big! He is 23.5 inches (75th percentile), 11 lbs 3 oz. (40th percentile) and his head is in th 23rd percentile!! Haha he got mommy's itty bitty head, poor guy! He also had to get his shots... it was extremely sad... i had to hold his arms down while two different nurses poked him in both his thighs, and his entire head just went bright bright red as he started crying! It breaks my heart to see him like that!! :( Good thing my little guy is tough!
We also just got a jogging stroller! Yay!! We went on a nice family run yesterday with the dog as well as the baby and the new stroller! The stroller was amazing i am soo glad we got it! Hopefully it will give me the motivation to start running...! Because whew am i out of shape!!
Trax is still doing great and still loving the baby too!! He sometimes gets bored of everybody paying attention to the baby and starts doing things for attention (like stealing the binky or socks) but hasn't chewed anything up lately so thats good. He does love the baby though, he is a very good big brother :) No longer does he come say hello to daddy first, he runs straight to the baby to say hello and THEN to daddy before mommy last (he loves his boys). It's been fun so far and we are still enjoying very much being parents!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kellen's Blessing (4/25/10)

Took me a while to write about this but on April 25 we had Kellens baby blessing! :) We had to do it really early because that was the only time Kyle's family would be out here for a while. His mom, dad, and brother were able to come for Kyle's graduation and Kellen's baby blessing.

Kyle did the blessing and it was so beautiful!! It was such a good day and Kellen was a great baby! Afterwards we had a fun lunch with all the families and friends who were at the blessing. We then had a graduation cake for Kyle so that was fun too.

Kellen slept the whole time at his own party haha but it was such a beautiful day to be able to grill outside and have the picnic outdoors. (Which is good because we woudn't be able to fit everybody in our house). Anwyay, it was a really good day and it was so much fun having all the family here and friends to be able to get together!! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So Stressed!!

Last night Kellen was up from 330 till almost 630 in the morning!! We didn't get to bed until one so i was already tired, he ate and had a huge poopy diaper that almost came out of his diaper onto his jammies, then he was WIDE awake for soo long!! I had a killer headache and was exhausted, therefore i was extremely emotional. I couldn't stop crying because he wouldn't go to sleep, so kyle started to get frustrated. Then i left and went into the baby room hoping not to wake kyle anymore so he could rest, but still couldn't stop crying. So at about 5 he came in and took over and i was so frustrated that i stormed out and went bawling to my bed. Kyle took it as me being mad at him (sorry babe) and went downstairs. I put in a cd of soothing music in kellens bedroom and went downstairs to get Kellen so kyle could sleep. He got upset again because i started getting mad saying i was never good enough, so i took kellen back in his room hoping to soothe him with the music and he still wasn't sleeping, so kyle came back in and started scratching my back but i was still upset so he asked to take him and i finally went to sleep for about a half hour before kyle brought kellen back in asleep and put him in his bassinet. After a few minutes his binkie came out and he started fussing again so needless to say i still didn't get much sleep..... then i slept in through yoga and it was the last day of yoga and that is my only time to get away so then kyle was leaving for work at noon and i said bye still half asleep. He left his phone here so i couldn't apologize for last night and he works a double today so he won't be back till late.... ugh!! So i wanted to go to the store to get some things and make a nice dinner for when kyle comes home but guess who can't get the car seat into the jeep?? Yep... me!! So i can't get to the store! And we haven't been grocery shopping for a while so we dont have much just lying around.... ugh!! I'm so stressed and just so blah today!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Six Weeks and Counting!

Kellen is officially six weeks old now!! (as of yesterday) Here's a picture of him on his six week birthday!! He has his little smirk which mommy and daddy love!! He's getting so fun!! Yesterday he was starting to smile to different sounds and things i was doing which made me so excited! He's becoming such a happy playful little bugger and it is so fun!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Kellen is getting so big already! He isn't getting too much fatter but is definitely getting taller! He is already 6 weeks old in two days and I can't believe how fast the time has flown by! His two month appointment is coming up and we are so excited to see how much he weighs and how tall he is now! He is awake a lot more now and is just a squirmy little bugger! He is starting to smile even more now and loves to make little noises. He is becoming a lot more interactive and is becoming more and more fun. He is also getting cuter every day! I didn't think it was possible but it sure is!!!

I also had my first Mothers Day as a Mother! It was so fun! In church they had all the women go into the cultural hall and had lots of different yummy pies for us to eat, so that was fun! It was also my first Sunday back after having Kellen so it was a nice little treat. Kyle cooked pancakes and eggs for breakfast and then cooked a really yummy pork for dinner that night. We spent the day relaxing and spending time as a new family. It was a nice relaxing day. Just what I needed!

We went to idaho for a couple days to see my cousins who just got off their missions and one that got married the day after Kellen was born and we left Traxton home. When we came home Traxton ran RIGHT past Kyle, RIGHT past me, and straight to Kellen's carseat to sniff and make sure Kellen was okay. It was really cute, once he realized Kellen was home he ran over to greet everyone else haha. He loves his baby brother!

So some great things have been happening the past week! Kyle got an email about one of the jobs he applied for as a corrections officer at the Draper prison. They said he passed the first round or whatever and is moving on to do the tests, written, physical, and interviews!! So on Tuesday May 25 he goes to Draper for an all day thing to take all of his tests and interviews. If he passes all of the tests there is a pretty good chance he'll get the job which we REALLY NEED! If that DOES happen and he gets it then Melissa will be going down to part time which will be amazing!! I also got great news about my job!! I was working in Clinton managing a group home of boys which is about a 20 minute drive. They were hoping that the person that was filling in for me while i was on leave would be interested in staying manager so i could move to another house of girls. She decided she was interested MEANING, that the new house i will be managing is in Ogden only a few miles away, and very close to one of our really good friends! So starting June 8 i will be managing that house and hopefully getting a second raise until Kyle gets his new job :) So things have been going really great with jobs and hopefully kyle will get this new job soon!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kellen Andrew Celauro!!

He's here! And yes he's been here for over two weeks because i'm so great at posting on my blog!! So here is the update!

He was born on Thursday, April 8 by c-section, at 9:38 am. 6 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 inches long. He is extremely healthy and the dr. even said at his two week appointment that he is an overachiever for his weight!!

He has strawberry blonde hair and super long legs like his mommy!! He is an amazing baby and rarely cries. Very mellow, which we are extremely thankful for!! He is a very happy and content baby, sleeps and smiles a lot.
He is very good at lifting his head already also! He has been doing it since day one so we better watch out for this little guy!! We are so so happy and are extremely proud parents of what we consider to be the cutest little guy around!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last week we went up to Logan and got our maternity pictures! It was so fun and Brittany Cascio did such a good job! She's done my Senior pictures, my engagement, wedding, bridals, etc. and now my maternity pictures!! She's going to also do the newborn pictures once Kellen is born!

Update on Kellen... the last 8 weeks he's been in the breech position and hasn't turned yet. If he doesn't turn we will have to get a C-section which I REALLY don't want... as long as he is healthy still though is all that matters. He is doing really well and is still healthy so that is great news! He is a little small but not enough to worry but at least we don't have to worry about him following his daddy's footsteps and being almost 11 pounds! We only have 32 days left until our due date!! It's comin up fast and I have had three awesome baby showers! Next week we are going to go out and start buying the neccessities that we didn't get from the showers so we can be ready before the little guy gets here!

Our next appointment is on the 22nd and hopefully he's turned so I can stop worrying about it! Wish us luck and we'll keep you updated on an progress!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh BOY!!!

Sorry i haven't written for such a long time!! But for an update on everything!! We are indeed having a boy!!! :O We are extremely excited! We have decided on the name Kellen Celauro. Still deciding on a middle name. We are 25 weeks now and everything is going very smoothly. Kyle felt the baby move for the first time last night :) He is healthy with long legs like his mommy and a round face like his daddy. We have some paint samples for the nursery and i can't wait until we get it painted!!! It will make everything seem a little closer :)

Traxton is also doing great! He is a big boy now! 65 pounds! He has been very well behaved lately and is doing great with kids! I am very excited to see how he will act toward Kellen.

For Christmas we had Kyle's parents fly in for a few days so we were able to spend time with both families for Christmas which was very fun and exremely relaxing :) Traxton ADORED his other grandparents having finally met them! And Kyle's mom just spoiled him rotten!!

We had a pretty uneventful new years but still had fun. My sister and husband and nephew came and a few of kyle's friends came over for new years and we played the wii for a little while before hitting the sack. But we had a good time. We don't really have many resolutions but we do want to both do a triathlon in the summer :)

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up this month on the17th!! We are going to go out for a nice dinner the night before because it is on a Sunday. Then we are going to go to Salt Lake or somewhere and get a hotel and relax and sleep in on our anniverary :) Just a nice day away from everything. I am extremely excited because we could both use a day off :)

Well thats an update for you all and a goal i have for me is to get better at keeping the blog updated!!! See you all soon!!!!