Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend!

So Kyle graduated on the 30th from the academy and is now officially working at the prison! Yay! We have had lots of fun with grandparents coming to visit for the big event and what not!! Grandma Celauro came for the graduation and we had lots of fun with her here! She and I did some shopping along the way and this was Kellen after a bbq that we had... he was exhausted!! He didn't get much sleep during the day if you couldn't tell!

We went to Carter's because they were having a huge sale on a lot of stuff and I really wanted to get Kellen a cute outfit for 4th of July. So they had a really cute swim set for like $10 or something! I was excited so I got it! This was on the 4th of July after having a prett crazy weekend!! We had a big bbq on saturday with some friends from Jersey that live in UT, and then a big family bbq on Sunday! So We spent the 4th relaxing for most of the day because we were all pretty exhausted! Kellen passed out upstairs and he just looked so cute when I went and checked on him :)

Later that night Brittany and Alivia came over of course! Can't do fireworks without the girlfriend! ;) They had fun like always hanging out before the fireworks. We had gone to Olive Garden for dinner before with Brittany's husband Chris, but he and Kyle worked really early the next morning and they live in Bountiful so he decided to ditch and go home to bed. So Brittany and Alivia had a big sleepover :) It was so fun!

Kyle decided to stay up for the fireworks *big fighter* :) so he could spend more time with us. Kellen was really funny with the first few fireworks. Everytime one would go off he would open his mouth really wide and whisper "W-o-w" really slow and drawn out. It was adorable!!

At first Alivia was really scared of the fireworks just clinging onto mommy! But after watching Kellen say "wow" a few times she started doing the same thing! It was so cute! Kellen was there to make her feel better :) What a gentleman!!

After a few fireworks Kellen was just ready to go play, even though it was late, he just wanted to go run! He became extremely squirmy so we just let him go. He immediately ran right into the wet grass and was running all over the place!

And of course he even found the puddle from the sprinklers! But at least he was in his cute little swim outfit!

He would run back to us and watch the fireworks for a second and clap to the fireworks while saying "wow" haha it was funny. He's definitely a character!!

Near the end of the fireworks we saw some of our neighbors who we don't really know that well, but they have a little pit bull puppy who is just ADORABLE! Trax kept wanting to play but Trax isn't usually very nice to dogs so we just let Kellen play and he was just having a BALL! He LOVES dogs!! Especially smaller ones that are closer to his size!!!

So we had a really fun filled weekend!! Lots more pictures on other people's cameras so hopefully we'll get some more of those from them so we can see all that really went on that weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Splash Pad Fun!!

We went to the Riverdale Splash Pad a couple weeks ago to see if Kellen would like it. We went with Alivia again since they love playing together!!

Kellen couldn't wait to get in the water!! He was squirming like crazy while I was trying to get his sunblock on! As soon as I let him free he ran to the edge and looked at the water for a minute and charged right in!!

Alivia on the other hand.... Not so much! She was holding on to mommy a lot she wasn't nearly as fond of it as Kellen! She liked the little Mushroom one which was her size and that's where she stayed the majority of the day :)

Every once in a while Alivia would venture off for a bit though and with mommy by her side she would try new things :)

They had so much fun while we were there!! They both really liked the mushrooms so that was where they would play together for the most part.

There was one point where Kellen was checking out the older women at the splash pad! She kept moving where he was trying to get the water and he thought it was really funny for a little bit until he started getting annoyed.... women... haha.

By the end, this is how Kellen let us know he was done. He started "sunbathing" in his own interesting way... he sat like this for probably at least two minutes. It was so funny! So now this is how he lets me know he is done.