Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Months!!

Time is flying by!! Kellen turned 5 months already! I did forget to update for his 4 month birthday so i'll give you an update of the last month! Since my last post, Kellen has started eating rice, is now eating oatmeal (banana so it tastes better), and baby food, and now rolls over! He first rolled over from his back to his front on August 24. On Sept. 8, he was lying in the middle of the bed while i was studying and he was on his belly. After a few minutes I turned to check on him and he was on his back!! He had rolled from his belly to his back, into our folded laundry. He had pulled one of my shirts off the pile and threw it to his side, then he grabbed another one of my shirts and was eating it haha. When i went over to him he stopped chewing on it and looked up with this big grin, probably saying "Mommy! Better watch out!" Crazy how time flies!!!!

I took some adorable 5 month pictures of him so everybody can see how big he is getting! For a few days we thought he was teething because he was so cranky and drooly! But he has a little cold and is all stuffed up, so i'm starting to think that he just wasn't feeling well. I would be going crazy if he was already teething! I know it will happen soon, but it's still so weird to think that he's getting that big!
Traxton loves his baby brother, and is still always checking up on him! Now Kellen is starting to like having the dog around! Since Kellen is so much more interactive, when Trax comes up and licks his feet or hands, Kellen will usually get a big grin. I love that my boys all get along!

At Kellens 3 month appointment he was in the 45th percentile for his weight and in the 90th percentile for his height!! He's still so tall and not very chunky! So I am so excited for his 6 month appointment to see how big he is now! He is almost sitting up by himself too, he will sit up for a few seconds here and there before tipping over and smiling. He thinks its funny to tip over! He laughs a lot now and is just so much fun! He has this cute look that he does and it kills me everytime! He even plays peekaboo (probably not consciously) but its still really fun!