Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

8 months!!

I can't believe he is already 8 months... that means that in 4 months he will be 1 year old already!! Ahh how time flies!!

Well, a lot has happened since last post so here goes!

* On his 8 month birthday he got his first big boy tooth!! And we think he is teething again because he is chewing on EVERYTHING!! He also thinks it's pretty cool to bite fingers, which hurts now...

* He is standing so well now! He even lets go of things and can stand for like 20 seconds now by himself without holding on to anything!! * He now walks along the couches and furniture, he's going to be walking in no time at all!

* He uses his little lion walker and is walking so fast with that too!!

* This month Kellen thought it was a good idea to eat Traxton's food... He started choking but got it down... scary..! We haven't had to worry about it until now because even though he's been crawling for a while now, he never tried to get Traxtons food!! But guess who now knows where it is!?! KELLEN! Now every chance he gets he tries to get the dog food... gross..

* Kellen thinks it's really cool to crawl under things like chairs, tables, and tried going under the bed and got stuck haha.
* Kellen and Traxton play keep away now too. Traxton loves playing keep away and now Kellen likes to try and get Traxton's bone, so Trax will run away and Kellen will crawl after him all excited, then Trax will hop away again (tail wagging, no worries) and Kellen will follow etc. It's so funny watching them interact now!!

* Kellen also learned this month how to climb up the stairs... oh joy... BUT he gets so excited while climbing up that he starts bouncing and ends up throwing himself backwards so we have to be RIGHT behind him when he's on the stairs or uh oh...

It's amazing how fast they grow and we love watching him grow! Kyle is still looking for a job so at the time being we are both still at Olive Garden. I just finished another semester and did really goood! I got my first 4.0 ever! I'm really excited and am really proud of myself haha. We are doing great and are so excited for Kellen's first Christmas. Kyle's parents are coming out on the 29th so Christmas will be a little delayed this year but who cares right? Christmas day we can actually focus on what Christmas is REALLY about :) January 17th is our two year anniversary and we are so excited! We are still happily married and love our happy little family!!