Thursday, October 8, 2009

Appointment #2!!

Well we had our second appointment yesterday! I love getting ultrasounds and seeing the baby! So at our appointment the doctor asked if we wanted to se what our baby was!! We were like yeah! We can already?? He said sometime if the baby is positioned right that they can sorta tell but its not for sure until the next appointment. So we did the belly ultrasound and too bad the baby wasn't facing right :( But it was still super exciting to see how much it had grown already!! He said that the baby is about 2 3/4 inches long so almost 3 inches :) He also said that the baby didnt have a cyst on the neck which is very good meaning that it cuts the chance of heart defects by 85% so that was cool. Anyway, our next appointment is on Nov. 4 and we find out what we're having!!! YAY! So thats all for now!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Doctor Appointment!

Sorry I took so long to write about our first doctor appointment! It's already almost time for our second! It was so great though! We really like our doctor so far and it was absolutely amazing to hear the heartbeat and to see our little gummy bear!! (thats what it looks like... but with a very big head.) Anyway, it went pretty quick and it was really neat and kyle was really funny because they did the v-ultrasound and when he saw the size of the camera he squeezed my hand and his face just looked terrified!! SOO funny! But he's very excited too!! Well we'll let you know about our next appointment which is on October 7th!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Seattle Trip!

So last weenend kyle and I took a LONG road trip to Seattle to meet up with his parents. It was a long drive but we had a good time! His parents rented us a car to drive and it was a new white Ford Edge. Very nice.. Kyle was in love! He drove most of it but i drove a few hours here and there. I slept most of the time that I wasn't driving so poor kyle was probably bored out of his mind.

On our way we drove through a few of his mission areas in Oregon and met one of the families that he taught. It was really cool to meet them and they were very nice people. We also went to Crater Lake and it was amazing!!! SOOO blue!! And the drive was beautiful too! Then we decided to drive up the coast to seattle and that was a bad idea... people drive SO SLOW out there! It was unbelievable. It was a standard to drive 5-10 under the speed limit on two lane windy roads so its rare you are able to pass. Ugh... so we only did the coast for a little and then decided to go back to the main highway. When we got there we went to dinner and it was pretty good. I had spaghetti and meatballs that were alright but nothing too special, but the garlic bread was good haha.

The next day we went to Mt. Rainier and it was SUCH a beautiful drive!!! Amazing!! It was a really pretty mountain and so fun to go to. And i got some awesome sweats that are so comfortable!! (since i couldn't button the pants i was wearing). Then that night we went to eat at the top of the space needle. It was so fun! And kyle and his dad are terrified of heights but did it anyway :) And the restaurant slowly rotates so you get a 360 view of Seattle. Awesome! And we were up there for the sunset which is even better! Then our dessert was this awesome ice cream dish that comes out with dry ice so it 'smokes' all over it is so cool! I was a big fan :)

The next day we slept in and when we were all ready we went into town and walked around. They have some really cute places! We went to the fisherman's market which was really cool! There are some guys that throw these frozen HUGE fish and the other person catches it but it's pretty entertaining even though its gross haha. We had lunch there and kyle and his dad got russian food and i got soup and kyles mom i think got.. umm a sandwich?! I don't remember. But it was really yummy. I didn't feel good this day though so that kinda sucked... then we walked around the market more because its HUGE. There are tons and tons of flowers that are GORGEOUS!! It was amazing. You could get a huge bouquet for only $5. It was cool. Then we went and got some different sweets to bring home, and kyle's mom got a ton of fish that they ship out that is fresh and lasts for a few days. She got us 2 lbs of king crab legs and a 5 lb salmon that was headless and gutted but still had its skin... gross. But kyle grilled it when we got back from Seattle and said it was amazing so good for him haha. Then we got some AMAZING peaches!! they were huge and so juicy and perfect! MMmmm....

That night was our last night and we were taking his parents to the airport the next morning so we went to another nice dinner at a place on the pier. It was a seafood place and since i don't like seafood i got ribs which were just okay but everyone else really really enjoyed their dinner so that was good haha. It was really fun though. Then we went home and finished packing for the next day.

The next morning we took his parents to the airport very early and said our goodbye's. Then we went back to the hotel to sleep a little more and i had to finish my homework and turn it in online before we left. So then on our way home we stopped by to visit my dad's cousin Joleen who i am pretty close to. We saw here for about 45 minutes and then had to head out to get home that night but it was great seeing her!! Then the drive took FOREVER but we got to Logan around 3:15 am and slept at my sisters house. The next day we took our rental car back and met my family at arby's because it was my grandma's birthday and she loves arby's. Then we left and my mom and my nephew ethan brought a keyboard for us from our family friend (we couldn't fit it into our jeep with our luggage so she brought it). So that was fun and Ethan loves Traxton haha but anyway. That was our trip!! It was great!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pregnancy Symptoms

So i've had numerous pregnancy symptoms! I have been nauseated almost all day every single day since the 16th. Nothing seems to be helping and it's so hard to eat anything!! I'm trying tons of different things but ugh!! I am constantly just tired and exhausted and if i don't take a nap i'm dead by 9 0'clock! I'm cranky a lot haha poor kyle... i'm going to the bathroom usually 2 -4 times a night... and the other night I had a dream I had a miscarriage!! It was so scary!! :( I started a profile on '' and have been putting things on there and asking questions that have mostly helped!! Its so fun though! And i'm sure that it'll all be worth it once the baby is here!! Our first appointment is coming up! I'm extremely excited!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here Comes Baby!!

Well, this is pretty self explanatory!! On August 4 we took the first test! So the next day we bought the digital test just to make sure! And there are the results! We are really excited!! And yeah it was planned :) We have our first doctor appointment on September 8 and we'll keep you updated as we go along!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Boise Weekend

This weekend, Kyle and I went to Boise for one of my friends weddings. When we got there we met up with my parents and sisters family at a nursing home that my great great uncle was in. When I was about 5 years old at a family reunion I met my Uncle Ralph and he became my best friend there. We haven't seen each other since then so it was really great to see him! It was sad though because he was so frail and not like he used to be at all. He used to be the funny guy and now he is really quiet and lost a ton of weight an his wife fell a while ago and broke her arm in 2 places and shes in a sling and cast. It was a good visit but still sad...

Then we went to my friend Laurie's and had dinner and met up with a family we knew out in Jersey that she had nannied for. That was fun meeting up with them and catching up with them. Her wedding was going to be in the Boise Temple and Kyle and I both forgot our recommends so we had to call the Temple and they had to get a hold of our Bishop and they had to have a temporary recommen at the recommend desk so that was cool... Then we went to sleep at her apartment which was hotter than it was outside and it was HOT outside! It was crazy how hot her apartment was! The next day was her wedding at the Boise Temple. Luckily they had our temporary recommends so we could go in. It was cool to be at another sealing other than my own. But it was the hottest day of the year at a record breaking temperature so pictures outside were ridiculously hot and her reception was outside too at her new husbands HUGE house! It was beautiful though! Poor Laurie though was throwing up all day and naseous all day because of nerves and the heat and everything so that sucked. But after the reception we drove home late... ugh but although it was super hot it was still a really fun weekend!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Of July

This was our first 4th of July this year. We weren't able to go see big fireworks together because Kyle had to work but Melissa was up in Logan with family for the traditional fireworks. On the 4th Kyle was able to come up and spend time with everybody and it was so fun. We had BBQ, played games, watched some fireworks. It was so fun!! We had Traxton with us as well so it was a nice family outing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awesome Job

Today I went into the office to turn in my Benefits Packet and I wasn't going to sign up for Life Insurance until later... But found out that we (both kyle and myself) get $10,000 of life insurance for free!! Yay! And since i'm a manager i get my health insurance for free too! And our dental plan which both kyle and I are on is super cheap! I just love it! Anyway, I was just excited about it so I thought i'd share :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our New Family

We decided to make a blog to let everyone know how the Celauro's are doing! For all who for some reason don't know :)

We were married on January 17, 2009, in the Bountiful, Utah LDS temple. In February we got a puppy. He's a pit bull/boxer mix and he is a great dog! He is about 7 months now and his name is Traxton.

Kyle is in school right now at Weber studying Sociology and has about a year left. After that he plans on going into the Police Academy. He is currently working at Olive Garden. I am starting school in the fall at Weber and will be going into Nursing. I am currently a manager at a group home for indivuals with special needs. I will be workng at Olive Garden as well on weekends.

That is about all the news for now but thats a little update for you all!!