Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last week we went up to Logan and got our maternity pictures! It was so fun and Brittany Cascio did such a good job! She's done my Senior pictures, my engagement, wedding, bridals, etc. and now my maternity pictures!! She's going to also do the newborn pictures once Kellen is born!

Update on Kellen... the last 8 weeks he's been in the breech position and hasn't turned yet. If he doesn't turn we will have to get a C-section which I REALLY don't want... as long as he is healthy still though is all that matters. He is doing really well and is still healthy so that is great news! He is a little small but not enough to worry but at least we don't have to worry about him following his daddy's footsteps and being almost 11 pounds! We only have 32 days left until our due date!! It's comin up fast and I have had three awesome baby showers! Next week we are going to go out and start buying the neccessities that we didn't get from the showers so we can be ready before the little guy gets here!

Our next appointment is on the 22nd and hopefully he's turned so I can stop worrying about it! Wish us luck and we'll keep you updated on an progress!!