Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Splash Pad Fun!!

We went to the Riverdale Splash Pad a couple weeks ago to see if Kellen would like it. We went with Alivia again since they love playing together!!

Kellen couldn't wait to get in the water!! He was squirming like crazy while I was trying to get his sunblock on! As soon as I let him free he ran to the edge and looked at the water for a minute and charged right in!!

Alivia on the other hand.... Not so much! She was holding on to mommy a lot she wasn't nearly as fond of it as Kellen! She liked the little Mushroom one which was her size and that's where she stayed the majority of the day :)

Every once in a while Alivia would venture off for a bit though and with mommy by her side she would try new things :)

They had so much fun while we were there!! They both really liked the mushrooms so that was where they would play together for the most part.

There was one point where Kellen was checking out the older women at the splash pad! She kept moving where he was trying to get the water and he thought it was really funny for a little bit until he started getting annoyed.... women... haha.

By the end, this is how Kellen let us know he was done. He started "sunbathing" in his own interesting way... he sat like this for probably at least two minutes. It was so funny! So now this is how he lets me know he is done.

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  1. I seriously laughed out loud at that last picture! That looks like such a fun day and what a little stud for being all for it. It seems like usually babies don't like the splashing of splash pads and prefer pools better. Go Kellen! And WOW when did you guys go? That place is usually PACKED. LUCKY and perfect for the babies!